Impactful Resiliency and Sustainability Solutions

Preparing. Responding. Future-Proofing.

Our communities face an unprecedented variety of risks, which present a growing challenge to our economy, environment, and way of life.

We can’t predict what the future holds. We face:

  • Depletion of natural resources.
  • Increased extreme weather events.
  • Acts of terrorism.
  • Cyber hazards.

Still, we can be better prepared to prevent, protect, respond to, and recover from challenging conditions and flourish in the face of changing dynamics through resiliency.

We are proud to represent our clients in facing the challenges our complex world presents. Your needs and your projects are our priority, and our employees continue to collaborate and respond with unique, strategic, and impactful solutions. Working together, we can overcome today’s most pressing challenges and build a more resilient and thriving world.

Our clients must manage an ever-increasing range of risks, from unexpected natural disasters to pressures caused by deficient and aging infrastructure. As an industry, we aim to protect our critical infrastructure operations and our buildings. Our team partners with clients to provide communities with reliable essential services for emergency recovery by applying a risk-based approach. We work to:

  • Prevent threats that can be anticipated.
  • Protect and minimize damages to the environment resulting from the development and operations of infrastructure.
  • Quickly respond to threats that cannot be predicted or avoided.

Our complete lifecycle support services include:

  • Helping clients proactively prepare for, plan for, and recover from emergencies and incidents to minimize downtime.
  • Responding to our clients’ technical needs during an emergency by providing damage assessment capabilities and helping with the preparation of emergency recovery plans and disaster recovery plans.
  • Mitigating future incidents by providing solutions to ensure the reliability and viability of the client’s infrastructure.

To improve operational performance, we also consider the impacts of severe events caused either by accidental and intentional manmade incidents or natural hazards such as:

  • Extreme weather.
  • Fire.
  • Declining resources.
  • Other changing dynamics.

Shaping a Sustainable Future

Our approach to resiliency goes hand-in-hand with sustainability. We employ industry best practices to:

  • Meet your sustainability targets.
  • Improve efficiency.
  • Protect resources.
  • Reduce waste and emissions.

By protecting, improving, and strengthening systems and creating resilient infrastructure, we can address emerging risks with forethought and efficiency. This enables us to improve a facility, system, or organization’s ability to rebound and recover from an incident.

From reducing energy usage to improving how transportation systems are planned and developed, we tackle our clients’ challenges with a sustainability lens. We deliver projects that are not only cleaner and greener but achieve business goals.

We consistently aim to reduce environmental burdens in all phases of our projects. We offer innovative design, smart building technologies, and services that will help improve building performance and maintenance while decreasing carbon footprint. We provide our clients with meaningful choices and research-based data to assist in making decisions that are:

  • Budget-conscious.
  • Value-based.
  • Environmentally responsible.

To support our clients’ visions to be socially, environmentally, and fiscally responsible, we consistently:

  • Learn about industry-wide shifts that center around the changing environment.
  • Understand current political and social incentives for change.
  • Form partnerships with organizations, such as the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, to develop and deliver best-in-class sustainable services.

Our in-house accredited professionals provide guidance to certify projects through multiple rating systems such as LEED, PHIUS+, and Envision.

Our services include:

  • Energy and sustainability assessments.
  • Specification of recycled materials.
  • Low impact drainage and paving designs.
  • Photovoltaic design.
  • Daylighting analysis.
  • Sustainable material selection.
  • Sustainable waste management.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Bio-retention basins.
  • Indoor air quality assessments.


Are you looking for a reliable, collaborative partner? Do you have a planning, design, or construction challenge? We want to hear from you.

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Are you looking for a reliable, collaborative partner? Do you have a planning, design, or construction challenge? We want to hear from you.

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